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Alcohol-free, yet we
still gave it zest

Zubr, 2016

We can communicate alcohol-free beer just as well as beer with alcohol in it. After all, we have been working for the Litovel and Zubr breweries for 15 years. The legendary winner of Pivex for alcohol-free beer – Zubr Free – was a great base for its fruit-loving followers. First, we launched the Yuzu & Lime flavour and this year we have added the refreshing Zubr Indian Cherry. This mixed alcohol-free beverage with the flavour of ripe cherries is characterised by its pleasant zest. It has no artificial colours or sweeteners and is suitable as a refreshment for drivers and athletes. Zubr Indian Cherry won’t be in stores until 2017, but the first tastings have taken place this year and feedback is more than promising. Now there’s something to look forward to!

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