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Everything you do starts with a breath

Toma Nádech, 2016

Everything you do starts with a breath. Every email, phone call, meeting and even a break. A break where you can have a refreshing water with no sugar or artificial sweeteners. We decided to dramatise the moment you inhale in this year’s campaign, which introduces a new flavour (Cucumber and Lime). The moment that time stops for a second so you can breathe in and begin. It makes it easier to handle any task.

Toma Nádech (nádech = inhale) is aimed at young, active women who follow a healthy lifestyle. The campaign will run from July in the form of sponsorship on TV Prima. With this spot, we have also refreshed the television archives of the Slovak station JOJ in the form of pre-roll ads and branding. We have also prepared a key visual for both countries. The lightness of our work can be seen in every second and every levitating cucumber.

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