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Digital Empathy

The People in Need`s Club of Friends

People in Need

We have designed a new website for the People in Need foundation, klubpratel.cz. Our job was to attract new regular donors and facilitate their access to important information and mainly to the login form. The Club of Friends has got its first standalone website, but it is still clear that it is from People in Need.


Website for Fatra a.s.

Fatra a.s.

As Fatra a.s. is one of the world’s largest plastic processors, its portfolio includes a wide range of products. Historically it had a large network of presentation and sales websites. In this project we created a uniform appearance for all these websites and made overall navigation from the user/client perspective clearer. This ensures easy recognition of the websites, simple navigation and also strengthens brand and product portfolio awareness.


Real Gift

People in Need

We have redesigned the website for the People in Need foundation, skutecnydarek.cz. The new design is clearer, and the portfolio of available gifts is easier to navigate. They can also decide on the homepage itself if they would like to contribute to a specific area (e.g. education, health) or contribute a specific amount.



Zubr Yuzu & Lime

Thanks to us, anyone can try kiteboarding on Facebook. We created a fun app that complemented the ZUBR Yuzu & Lime summer campaign activities during the holidays and entertained people so much so that even 100 repetitions were no problem for them.
Eighty lucky winners with the best score won cans with the new refreshing flavour and stylish t-shirts.

Smooth design, thick yoghurt

Polabské mlékárny (dairies)

Milko – the best rated Greek yoghurts on the market from Polabské mlékárny has its own website emphasising the natural origin and great taste of Greek yoghurts and opening up more opportunities for Milko in marketing content. The responsive website with unique graphics combines emotion with information.


Fact resonating with emotions

Daramis Group

A responsive website with a clever content structure that improves client navigation when selecting property. The customer now gets a comprehensive overview of the apartment’s specifications, and all the tools needed for business conversions are always at hand. Not even emotions, which play a huge role when buying a home, have been left out: quality photos and accompanying videos are used.



ČSOB Pojišťovna

Understanding the context led to the creation of a mobile site that respects user needs. The website itself contains two parts: information and critical. The information is filled with relevant content about the company’s products and services. The critical part allows customers to quickly resolve acute problems.


Viticulture Fund

The new Wines from Moravia, Wines from Bohemia website aspires to be a major resource for wine lovers. It is divided into three main areas: The wines, where to find the wines, and the winemakers. The responsive design allows convenient viewing of content for all types of facilities. The supplementary video content corresponds to current user requirements for obtaining information.