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Emotions guaranteed

Laughter, longing, outrage, a smile, a thought. Our campaigns evoke emotions. We deliver them when you’re speeding down the motorway, when you open a magazine over coffee, while you’re chatting to friends on Facebook or when you’re anxiously waiting for your favourite TV series to start.

The oldest full-service agency on the Czech market

The Comtech agency was established in 1990, at a time when computer use in advertising was in its infancy. The people involved from the start were leading experts in information technology, even then. Today the agency has a team of around 50 experts, a stable group of external specialists, and operates in two locations – in Prague and Zlín.


2016  Zlatá pecka Klub přátel
2016  IMC European Awards Real Gift
2016  EFFIE Awards Real Gift
2016  Heuréka Shop of the Year Real Gift
2016  IEA 15 Real Gift
2016  Czech Direct & Promo Real Gift
2016  Czech Direct & Promo Real Gift
2016  Nutcracker Big Shock!
2016  Golden Stone Real Gift
2015  EFFIE Awards Lunches for Kids
2015  EFFIE Awards ČSOB Pojišťovna
2015  Golden Stone Viticulture Fund
2015  Nutcracker Crimean street is Russian street
2014  EFFIE Awards IQ Roma
2014  IMC European Awards IQ Roma
2014  Czech Direct & Promo IQ Roma
2014  Golden Stone Lunches for Kids
2014  Golden Stone Viticulture Fund
2014 Golden Stone The People in Need`s Club of Friends)
2012 Golden Stone Aukro
2012 EFFIE Awards ČSOB Pojišťovna
2011 Rainbow Marble Ferrero
2010 Golden Stone People in Need
2010 Rainbow Marble Czech Red Cross
2010 Nutcracker People in Need
2010 Nutcracker Czech Red Cross
2009 Golden Stone People in Need